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Box cloud content management at TNC

The Box team is attending TNC18 this week and participating in several sessions to talk about the future of collaboration and cloud content management. We’ll be reviewing our strategy, vision, and providing an overview of the product roadmap, including how the Box service helps organisations meet security and compliance requirements like GDPR.

Box has a long-standing commitment to strategic engagement with the global R&E community, dating back over 7 years now to our partnership with Internet2, and continuing with other partnerships with leading colleges and universities globally, as well as other national research and education networks. We are currently engaged in updating our offering in GEANT’s Cloud Service Catalogue in order to ensure that the GEANT member NRENs have access to our standard global education offering, with deeply discounted pricing for campus-wide deployments and terms and conditions that meet the community’s security, compliance, and other standards.

Come visit our booth to discuss further, and also see this post for more details on our activities at TNC18:

Submitted by Andrew Keating

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