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How science engagers fight the ”Sneaker Net”

Are you familiar with the term Sneaker Net? If not, here is what it means: if the amount of the data you need to transfer is so large that it exceeds the capability of your computer network, you have to turn to physically moving hard drives or USB flash drives around. So, you put on your sneakers and head off on foot.

Many scientists still use Sneaker Networking although they don’t need to. They have a high-speed Research & Education Network at their service, but they are not taking full advantage of the networking resources available to them. The reason? They aren’t typically network savvy and often run into obstacles, when they try to optimize their use of the R&E network for the large amounts of data they produce.

Read the full story on the In The Field blog and find out what science engagers do to eliminate the “Sneaker Net”.

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