eduPERT KnowledgeBase is on the move

The “Edu Performance Enhancement and Response Teams” (eduPERT) have traditionally provided investigation and consulting services to academia, researchers and experts on various performance issues. Problems such as low throughput, slow response times, packet loss, signal degradation or issues emerging from new network technologies are often dealt with through standard IT-support channels, or by the end-user’s university or NRENs. Thus a PERT must consider the complete, end-to-end path of any network performance issue, and be able to cope with heterogeneity on network technologies, and/or vendor specifications.

In order to live up to eduPERT’s role, the knowledge database forms a foundation for understanding performance monitoring and verification. Today marks the launch of the new GÉANT Confluence Instance called “eduPERT Knowledge Base” (KB) – https://wiki.geant.org/display/EK.

This will be our documentation platform on a PERT Level and also for research and development.  You will find there documentation for “NETWORK, END HOST, TOOLS, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, PERFORMANCE CASE STUDIES and ToDo’s, and of course you will be kindly invited to contribute to the traditional topics, but also to start a new discussion within GÉANT or outreach through this Knowledge Base.

Detailed instructions on the use of the KB are available here.


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