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Network connects astronomical observatories of the Canary Islands to the world

Since ancient times mankind has been asking questions about the Universe… What are the solar system, asteroids, comets, and supernovae like? How are stars, planets and galaxies created? From what material is the Universe made?

The Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands offers infrastructures for astronomers to answer these questions and collaborate internationally. These infrastructures are used annually by more than 2,000 astronomers and open to the international astrophysics community through the participation of some 60 scientific institutions in 17 countries. Its international scope has grown exponentially since 2012 when, in a coordinated effort by the IAC, the Canary Islands government and RedIRIS, fibre optic networks were deployed allowing the terabytes of data generated by its activity to be transmitted to all countries involved.

Rafael Rebolo López, Director of the Astrophysics Insitute of the Canary Islands explains:

“Optical communication networks allow remote, secure storage and processing systems to be used, which are accessed with high-quality service and a stable communication time. The infrastructure provided by RedIRIS has added extraordinary value to Spanish astrophysics, making our astronomical observatories more attractive for capturing projects from around the world”

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