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Next stage intelligence gathering activity by Special Interest Group – Transnational Education (SIG-TNE)

The GÉANT Special Interest Group on Transnational Education (SIG-TNE) seeks to provide advice and guidance to NRENs on how to support the delivery of education across national boundaries in collaboration with institutions within their communities.

Since 2017, the steering group has been working to collect, collate and analyse data in an effort to gain an understanding of the scale and scope of TNE activities in those countries most actively involved in hosting and sending students, and build a persuasive body of evidence for those NRENs starting to develop TNE support for their communities.

A draft report of the research was presented at the SIG-TNE workshop that took place at the 2018 Internet2 Global Summit. Constrained by the availability, consistency and accuracy of TNE data at a global level, the report presented a partial picture of TNE activities and included information on numbers of students, programmes and branch campuses in those countries most actively involved in hosting and sending students.

The SIG has therefore released a follow-on survey, initially with European NRENs, with a view to gather input globally, to complement the information already gathered and increase the level of understanding of the support requirements within both NRENs and their institutions.

The intended output of this intelligence gathering is to develop a resource pack of information to be shared with NRENs. This resource aims to provide key information and enable institutions to take part and maintain TNE activities in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, taking advantage of the lessons learned and the experience of others. In particular, the pack aims to be an evolving knowledge centre and a dynamic body of information on technology for the support of TNE.

As the SIG takes stock of the survey results and begins to build this resource pack, we’ll progressively share information on its availability. In the meantime, we are always interested in hearing your views and improving our understanding of NRENs’ requirements.

SIG-TNE welcomes your comments and queries, please send them to: and/or

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