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Student interns develop campus security systems in Nigeria

Bridging the gap between today’s advanced computing and networking technologies and knowledge shared in Nigeria’s higher education community. That’s what Eko-Konnect’s Campus Technology Internship Program (CTIP) is all about. The program brings together students from diverse tribal, cultural and religious backgrounds to work on common interests and exposes students to real-life digital technology trends in a wide range of disciplines.

One of the programs challenges interns from the University of Lagos to build a mock surveillance system based on Python code. The system uses a passive infrared motion sensor and PI camera to detect and record “intruders” – in this case a moving robot. The project demonstrates a cost-effective way to deploy security and monitoring on Nigerian campuses. The scope of the project is now being expanded with CTIP interns at other universities to improve campus security nationwide.

Want to learn more about the Eko-Konnect’s objectives through the CTIP? Read the full story on the In The Field blog.

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