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Find out what specific features are required by teachers looking for cloud services in education

RESTENA and CloudSigma collaborated in order to provide cloud services for a post-secondary education course through the GÉANT framework.

The course was named ‘Installation and Configuration of Windows Server’ (ISEWI), run by the Lycée des Arts et Metiers (LAM), an education institution in Luxembourg. It was designed to deepen the participants’ knowledge in the area of Microsoft Windows ActiveDirectory services and Windows Server administration in general.

“The big thing that differentiates CloudSigma from the other vendors we were considering was the easy to navigate ACLs. CloudSigma’s feature to delegate and partition accesses without delegating the money was very useful for us.”  Stefan Winter, R&D Engineer @ RESTENA

To find out more, visit the CloudSigma website.

Submitted by Fondation RESTENA - Cynthia Wagner

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