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AARC gears up for final months, with a view to long-term legacy

A legacy that will benefit research communities after AARC ends – this is a major goal for the Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration project. How best to create this legacy and what to prioritise in the final half year of the project were therefore key discussion points for project participants at an ‘all-hands’ meeting on 19-22 November.

Researchers from a wide range of fields can benefit from AARC if the authentication and authorisation infrastructures (AAIs) that they use to access and share online services, resources and data, are set up in a way that complies with the blueprint architecture and policies developed through AARC. The researchers would enjoy a smoother user experience and a greater opportunity to access resources that are provided by other AARC-compliant organisations.

At the all-hands meeting, work progressed on what will be the final version of the blueprint architecture, on the preparation of policies and guidelines, and on the pilots that are putting it all into practice with partner research communities.

Submitted by Laura Durnford

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