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GÉANT’s online presence expands with

Want to see the impact GÉANT and our NREN partners have on research and education?

Our new impact website aims to quickly and simply highlight some of the amazing projects supported by GÉANT and our NREN partners – in an accessible and engaging way, showing the services used and where to learn more.

Certain priorities for GÉANT’s communications team are to provide the best communications tools to support outreach, demonstrate the impact of GÉANT and our NREN partners on research and education, and to develop channels to reach a wide range of audiences in the most effective and engaging ways, that also support our partners. is part of a wider strategy that encompasses digital outreach and events, and will be supported with social media material and event support tools, including animations, gifs and infographics all designed to support wider outreach and greater awareness.

The GÉANT Research Engagement team have already used it to great effect – in combination with new booth graphics and messaging – at recent events including SC18 and ICT 2018, where booth visitors, who often have limited knowledge of GÉANT and our NREN partners, can quickly understand and learn more.

The website will continue to grow during 2019,  with new projects already in the pipeline, so watch this space!

What are you waiting for? Go take a look!


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