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EOSC Exec Board constituted and coordination with Governance Board on working groups

By: Cathrin Stover, EOSC Executive Board Vice Chair

On Friday 1 March 2019, the EOSC Executive Board (EB) met formally for its first time. We are now fully constituted after publication in the Register of European Commission expert groups. See more here.

The EB welcomed Andreas Veispak to the meeting, who is the new Head of Unit at DGCNCT for Unit C1 – eInfrastructure and Science Cloud.

The Executive board have a very busy year ahead. To begin with, we will have to deliver the Strategic Implementation Plan and the Annual Work Plan 2019. This will be tackled by the EB over the next few weeks following the clear roadmap again laid out in the staff working document and council decision.

For more information on the latest developments with the EOSC EB visit here.

Visit the EOSC Secretariat site to find out more about how the EOSC Secretariat will be helping deliver the European Open Science Cloud.

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