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NOC challenges: between monitoring and regulation

Do you work in a Network Operation Centre (NOC) and sometimes feel trapped between monitoring and regulation? Don’t worry, you are not alone! If you would you like to speak about choosing the right monitoring tool or dealing with GDPR, you can do so by joining us next month: the Special Interest Group on Network Operation Centres (SIG-NOC) will hold its ninth bi-annual meeting on 8-9 April in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted by Arnes. The advantage of belonging to the NREN community gives you possibility to share your ideas, fears and doubts with colleagues across Europe who are faced with similar challenges in their jobs every day.

At the next SIG-NOC meeting we will talk about the existent Flow Monitoring Tools and ideas for new developments and we will endeavour to understand how to make the most of the RIPE Routing Information Service. We will also discuss how GDPR influences NOC operations,  will talk about projects such as WLAN-2020 or CNaaS and will create a new survey to help us understand which NOC tools and standards are most relevant to the community.

If you are part of an NREN NOC, please join our SIG and come to our meeting next month. SIG-NOC meetings feature a mix of discussions, presentations and workshops from members of the NREN community and commercial industry experts. Every presenter is encouraged to contribute on any relevant topic to ensure smooth information sharing at this brief events.

The meeting will also include a walking tour of Ljubljana old town to discover secret underground and off-the-beaten-track places … travelling back in time.

For more detailed information about the meeting, please contact SIG-NOC.

Click here to register and find out more about SIG-NOC.

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