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Let’s talk about the Trust & Identity Mentorship Programme

The Trust & Identity Mentorship (TIM) programme aims to bring together early career researchers and subject matter experts with the objective to pioneer and prototype new ideas in the Trust & Identity (T&I) field.

The programme is a collaboration between experts within the GÉANT project, the GÉANT Learning and Development team (GLAD), National Research & Education Networks (NRENs) and researchers from across Europe. Its overall aim is to contribute to a viable and sustainable pipeline of T&I products and services for the GÉANT project and ultimately for the European NREN community.

Once nominated by the local NREN, participants will be automatically integrated into the organisation with the support of local mentors. The local TIM team will then collaborate with the subject matter experts of the GÉANT Project on selected topics and will also receive support from GLAD. All participants will present their work (either final or in progress) at an international event or conference as advised by TIM experts.

Benefits for researchers

TIM offers participants the fantastic opportunity to join the development of cutting-edge solutions in the field of computer networking with a strong focus on T&I. It is a truly unique learning and professional development opportunity, here are some of the benefits on offer:

– A paid professional internship that can be combined with thesis writing

– Networking opportunities with a wide range of network experts and NRENs

– Training and skills development in the fields of public speaking and agile software development (SCRUM technique).

Benefits for NRENs

TIM strengthens collaboration across European NRENs in the development of new T&I products and services. It’s an opportunity for NRENs to foster local T&I expertise, learn from subject matter experts, expand their services portfolio, strengthen relationships with other member institutions and enrich the community with the introduction of promising talents.

Role of GLAD

GLAD is passionate about building, diversifying and strengthening the capabilities of the European NREN community.  “With the TIM programme, we hope to enhance and disseminate T&I competencies across Europe and build the workforce of the future. In particular, GLAD will work to develop and deliver the following sets of skills for the programm: mentorship, public speaking and agile software development/ SCRUM training”, says Irina Mikhailava, Head of GLAD, GÉANT

Important dates:

Registration deadline: 15 Oct 2019
Successful applicants will be notified in the end of October (date TBD)
Internship start date: 12 Nov 2019

For more details about the TIM programme, requirements, deadlines and how to apply, please visit: and contact

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