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RENAM international conference celebrates 20 years of serving Moldovan research and education

The value of national research and education network organisations to research communities was highlighted on Thursday 3 October 2019, when the Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova, RENAM, celebrated its 20th anniversary with an international conference in Chisinau.

 “It has been 20 years of fruitful efforts; among the main achievements is connection with the GÉANT pan-European network. We wish you success in further development of the national network.” – Boris Filipov (European Union Delegation representative to the Republic of Moldova)

The conference covered a diverse array of topics, with examples from Moldovan user institutions and from other NRENs that are collaborating with RENAM through the Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project. Testimonials from the research community were given by a number of speakers.

Read the full story on the EaPConnect project website.

Submitted by Laura Durnford

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