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Making Waves at TNC20

Brighton Pier at sunset

Every year the very first task of the TNC Programme Committee is to choose the conference theme. A carefully selected theme is the essence of any conference, it’s fundamental for its success, it will facilitate networking and learning, and generate new collaborations.

Let’s have a quick look at TNC’s themes from recent years to remind ourselves of the reasoning behind these choices and the connection with the event location. Let’s set the scene for TNC20.

TNC16 Building the Internet of People, Prague, Czech Republic

TNC17 The Art of Creative Networking, Linz, Austria

TNC18 Intelligent networks, cool edges?, Trondheim, Norway

TNC19 Forging Digital Societies, Tallinn, Estonia

TNC20, Making Waves, Brighton, UK

Waves can build up and break down shorelines, their impact is transformative and powerful.  Making Waves is about the similarly transformative and disruptive capabilities that digital technologies across networking, Trust & Identity and cloud services can deliver for Research & Education.

NRENs across the globe connect the teams delivering discoveries that impact and improve our lives via some of the fastest data networks, most trusted identity services known to mankind and collaboration. NRENs have the intellectual bravery to inspire, disrupt and make waves. NRENs enable progress.

Our footprint as NRENs is visible in the identity space, technology, the environment and society. We are a conscious and forward-looking community working together to build a better future. This is the time to highlight our impact and test our thinking to address the greatest challenges for the future of humanity and the planet.

We look forward to making waves together in Brighton next June.

About Brighton
Brighton is one of the most vibrant, colourful and creative cities in Europe.
Compact, unique, fun, lively, historic, young and free-spirited, it’s a great place to visit, live, work & study.
Under an hour from London, Brighton is located on  England’s south coast. Often voted the happiest place in the UK, the city offers a fantastic mix of Regency heritage, fabulous shopping, funky arts and music, beachfront cool and year round festivals and events.

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