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Cyber Security Month @SURF

Often, people are said to be the weakest link in cyber security – worst case they are seen by technicians as the enemy – but we in the SURF Security team believe they are an asset. For people in your organization to become an asset, good awareness and tools for behavioural change are important. That is why we developed Cybersave Yourself (CSY), an awareness campaign toolkit that can be used during the cybersecurity month (and the rest of the year).

Cybere Save Yourself (CSY)

CSY is the security and privacy awareness toolkit for education and research in the Netherlands. Amongst other things, it includes tips on security, and games and videos about security and privacy awareness. CSY first started as a project to run a national awareness campaign in 2009, which we organized together with our security community SCIPR. After a few years we decided to change the approach and develop a toolkit that institutions can use to set up their own awareness programme. We provide the tools and materials so that they can run their programme whenever they want and how they want it.

Upon entering the toolkit, users can choose to get inspiration for a single awareness activity, follow a step-by-step approach to set up an awareness programme, or receive guidelines to improve their current awareness programme. In this way the toolkit is aimed at a broad user base, as we want security and privacy awareness for everyone.

The toolkit is set up according to a number of principles:

  • Flexible

We provide all the materials in an as open format as possible. Institutions can choose to use them as is, modify small parts to local preferences or grab what they need and fit them in their own materials.

  • Free of rights (for our constituency)

All intellectual property rights for the materials are included in the service so that institutions are free to do with the materials as they please.

  • Modular

The toolkit is set up in such a way that materials can be easily combined. We separate themes (e.g. public WIFI, phishing, dataleaks) from materials (e.g. posters, flyers, cups) so that new themes can be easily added and made use of in different ways.

  • Bilingual (Dutch & English)

As we have an international community, we provide the materials in two languages: Dutch and English.

  • Community platform

CSY is not just a toolkit but a community platform where we stimulate our users to share their own materials and experiences on awareness. The more people that add to the toolkit, the richer the toolkit will be and that is beneficial for all our users.

We continuously expand our toolkit and try to find ways to increase the pace. That is why we stimulate our users to participate and we also hope to share and exchange experiences and materials with other NRENs. Our next steps include creating an e-course on security & privacy skills for students and staff and some fun quizzes. Cool stuff!

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