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Cloud Storage Services for Synchronization and Sharing (CS3) 27-29 Jan. Submissions for Abstracts Now Open.

CS3 is a community of providers, developers and users of innovative storage and sync&share systems. The CS3 services are integrated with user environments and higher-level application services. CS3 reports on the progress in data science at all levels: local laboratories, regional collaborations and global science. CS3 applications range from innovative big-data analysis to science outreach and education.

The sixth CS3 Workshop is being hosted by DeiC in Copenhagen on 27-29 January 2020 and  the call for abstracts is now open.

Early Bird registration for this popular event is available at the reduced price of €150 here.

This edition of the annual CS3 conference is immediately preceding the first CS3MESH project meeting. This was a deliberate choice: we believe that CS3MESH is a tool and an opportunity for all the actors of the CS3 community. The project aims to deliver the initial and coherent implementation of the long-term CS3 collaborative infrastructure. This is an important opportunity to give input and help co-design the common future.

We believe that original formula focusing on innovative storage systems and their integration with user environments remains the key to enable progress in data sciences at all levels: local laboratory, regional collaborations and global science. Therefore CS3 will continue to follow applications ranging from innovative big-data analysis to science outreach and education promoting exchange of experience, innovative ideas and collaboration across all actors in this industry.

In short: CS3 will continue to drive the evolution in the field via an inclusive community effort and CS3MESH project will help to structure this effort.

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