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GÉANT Network hits a new record and enters Terabit Territory

Boldly going where no network has gone before

On 9 October 2019 at 08:15, the GÉANT network reached a new milestone with over 1.1Terabits/s of traffic crossing the backbone.

This data comprised both IP and MPLS traffic and was boosted by Jisc and CERN data transfers at the same time as UK students were updating Apple devices.

The ability of the network to cope with large unexpected data volumes simultaneously is a core feature of the design principles behind the GÉANT network and uniquely differentiates it from the heavily contended commercial ISP networks which can throttle high volume transfers.

Previous tests have shown that R&E networking services which are designed to support high bandwidth users perform much better that commercial networks when under the stress of both large numbers of users and huge individual transfers.

  • Total Traffic value was a combination of all GEANT IP/MPLS traffic, which includes all internet, R&E and LHCONE traffic.
  • Statistica based on ipfix flow records and SNMP data
  • Collected stats from Deepfield and Kentik



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