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Developing a global model for solar energy

With the world’s energy production gradually moving from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy sources like wind and sun, the people designing the energy systems of the future are facing new challenges: They need to know as precisely as possible how much sun or wind to expect at any given time, in order to satisfy the energy demands of a region or a country.

Soon solar energy will play an equally important part in sustainable energy systems than wind energy. But to harness the full potential of solar energy you need precise models of how much energy solar panels are producing.

This is what Marta Victoria and Gorm B. Andresen from the university’s Department of Engineering have done. They have designed a uniquely detailed and precise model of solar energy potential on a global scale, and they are offering their data free of charge for everybody to use.

Read more about the model, how easily the data is accessible through the Zenodo repository and DeiC’s involvement on the latest In The Field blog.

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