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Bridging 7000+ km to teach fisheries management

The distance between Mogadishu in Somalia, and Tromsø in Norway is 7753 km. But despite the vast distance separating them, they have something in common: both are coastal towns with all the ocean’s food resources right at their feet. But while Tromsø has a large and well-developed fishing industry, Mogadishu has a long way to go before being able to fully exploit the riches of the Indian Ocean.

A long-distance teaching collaboration is now laying the groundwork for a change:

According to a news release published by UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, fishery management experts from Tromsø are teaching Somali students how to exploit their marine resources. The teaching collaboration features interactive live lectures allowing for two-way communication, questions and discussions.

Read how SomaliREN and Uninett play a big role enabling the opportunities to interactively share knowledge on the latest In The Field blog.

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