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Renaissance music techniques help break ‘distributed’ concert distance record, connecting Armenia and Italy

When 17th century composers created music to be performed in St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, little did they realise that their ground-breaking musical techniques would allow a 21st century performance across a record-breaking 5000 kilometres. Or that this would create a musical connection between the Armenian diaspora in Venice and Armenia itself.

Two top choirs and partners in the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project created a musical bridge between Venice (Italy) and Yerevan (Armenia) with the help of LoLa (low latency) audio-video transmission technology and cutting-edge research and education networks. Thirty-five a capella singers in the two countries performed together in one distributed concert, ‘Connecting with Culture’, in a spectacular opening for the 4th Eastern Partnership E-Infrastructures Conference, EaPEC 2019. This was the first performance in Armenia to use LoLa technology.

Two videos are available!

Submitted by Laura Durnford

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