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InAcademia launched at GÉANT Symposium


At the GÉANT Symposium in Ljubljana. InAcademia was launched as a production service.

InAcademia is a real-time validation service to provide both commercial and community service providers a simple and privacy preserving  method of checking the affiliation of a user. It leverages eduGAIN federated identities to allow students and staff to confirm their eligibility for services.  No personal information is exchanged only a simple “Yes/No” response.

This is the real-time, digital equivalent of asking a student to present their student card in order to access or buy your services and products. No need to rely on university email addresses or to wait for students to provide documentation, InAcademia removes slow, costly and manual verification processes of students and academic staff by providing merchants with a quick, easy, reliable and secure way to verify identities.

To find out more about InAcademia, visit

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