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Malawi pens US$72.4-million global connectivity contract – Leveraging the 1200Mbit/s UbuntuNet network

Malawi has announced a US$72.4m international connectivity contract to improve access to ICT infrastructure for the public and private sectors.

The contract was signed recently in Blantyre and forms part of the Digital Malawi Project, a government initiative being implemented by the Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) and funded by the World Bank.

As part of the agreement, the Alliance will use its broadband UbuntuNet Network to inter-connect National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) within the region. MAREN will manage the connectivity services for the country’s higher education and research institutions and leverage 1200Mbps UbuntuNet network for a period of ten years.

MAREN chief executive officer Solomon Dindi described the contract as an important milestone in the history of advanced internet services for higher education and research.

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