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Webinar: Nokia and R&E Networks 04 March 2020

Over the years, Nokia has evolved through as series of mergers to include the former Alcatel-Lucent and it’s long heritage of leading innovation. In this webinar, we will re-introduce you to Nokia and our recent work relevant to research and education networks. Nokia’s optical transport leadership is embedded in our proprietary digital signal processor, the Photonic Service Engine (PSE).

• PSE-3 implements probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) to maximize capacity over any distance and on any fiber — from metro to subsea- while pushing towards the Shannon limit.
• Nokia trials over the last two years demonstrate remarkable results in capacity and reach
• Capacity is not the only consideration: factors such as transmission latency, equipment complexity, and cost also are important parts of remarkable engineering.

Speaker: Chris Janson, Nokia Optical Senior Marketing Manager

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