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How Huawei is helping its Education Customers during this time

Over 1.5 billion students are affected by school closures due to government measures in order to prevent the pandemic from spreading in campuses. Globally Universities, schools and research centers moved to the cloud to ensure the teaching continuity despite the closure during the times of pandemic prevention and control. Reliable intelligent solutions are needed in the education system to realize the connectivity and move towards an online and smarter education.

Huawei helps to provide network interconnection infrastructure for the cross-regional education network, helping our customers build simplified networks featuring on-demand deployment, intelligent O&M, converged innovation, and future-oriented development.

NRENs play an important role by connecting the higher education and research centers to effectively support the surging online teaching services. The network infrastructure used must be elastic to provide the right support for all the data transmission. On one hand, the hardware architecture (NetEngine 8000, OptiXtrans, Campus OptiX ) have large capacity and high bandwidth, and support smooth capacity expansion and continuous service evolution in the next 10 years. On the other hand, the network support minute-level network deployment and cloud scheduling based on global traffic, provide programmable paths to support the different SLA and low latency requirements.

Huawei has prepared a Webinar Series for tackling the emergency together through technology, please join us to learn more about our solutions during this special period.

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