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ARNES’ perspective: Internet and services during a COVID-19 lockdown

At ARNES, we have been following news about the spread of the novel coronavirus since early March. Initially, we were spreading coronavirus-themed humor over morning coffee in our offices, only to fall silent just a few days later. Somewhat apprehensively, we instead started browsing news portals before every planned business trip abroad. Looking back, we can see that events escalated rather quickly – in just over two weeks, we were immersed in a new reality, using gallons of disinfectant, issuing warnings about hand hygiene, and, literally overnight, moved our entire team to home office.

When all schools close doors

As the situation worsened, we increasingly started thinking about what to do in the event that schools and universities closed and classes were moved entirely online. This is a big challenge and a scenario that is hard to prepare for. Where will the bottlenecks be, how will we be able to eliminate congestion, and what will working from home for a large part of the country’s population mean for the stability of the country’s internet? After the lockdown, remote work and distance learning, we recapped the events.

A tsunami of users

We noted an increased use of services already before Monday, March 16th, when distance learning was introduced as many started with preparations during the weekend. A tidal wave of interest that hit our remote learning services. And this is how our story starts.

Submitted by Goran Medenjak

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