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Dear GÉANT community… a message from GÉANT staff


Dear GÉANT community,

In these strange times, we at GÉANT hope you are well, healthy and safe. 

Seeing each other online is good, but just can’t replace a live face-to-face meeting. We miss the personal contact that many of us usually have with members of the GÉANT community at various events and, especially at this time of year, when we should have been meeting at TNC.  #missingTNC !

We have seen how all of the NRENs have proved to be more important than ever to support essential research, remote teaching and remote working. We documented all the COVID-19 efforts of the GÉANT community NRENs in order to show governments and the EC how important it is to keep supporting R&E networking. We are here to offer assistance where needed, as always. We hope we all will be able to go back to a more normal way of operating soon but until then, we are here virtually to support you.

COVID-19 has kept us apart this week, but we are proud that our community is part of the solution to beating the virus, keeping education going and – hopefully soon – returning life to normal.

Sincere best wishes from,
GÉANT Association staff, Executive team and CEO




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