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Luxembourg NREN raises awareness about cybersecurity and data protection

Words: Christine Glaser, Restena Foundation, Communications and Marketing Manager

Since 2018, the Restena Foundation has partnered with the University of Luxembourg to offer students and researchers across the country a series of annual awareness-raising events about two major topics: cybersecurity and data protection. Now in the third year of their successful cooperation, the partners continue to jointly organise CyberDay.lu and Data Privacy Day, two four-hours events that have become part of the national landscapes in their fields.

The events are part of the curriculum for students of the University of Luxembourg doctoral school, and some high school students in cloud computing or network telecommunications attend CyberDay.lu as part of their studies. Both events also attract a wider audience, well beyond the initial sector of research and education.

In late January 2020, for example, a substantial number of professionals from the finance and legal sectors and from public administration joined the Data Privacy Day which has, for the second year in a row, reached its maximum capacity. Various national actors are contributing to the event. Some of them have even become regular speakers: the Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre and national awareness-raising centre BEESECURE, the National Commission for Data Protection, the computer emergency response team of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (GOVCERT.LU) and SECURITYMADEIN.LU. Thanks to this wide panel of speakers, joined by local key players such as the Association pour la Protection des Données à Luxembourg (APDL), the events offer a diverse and complete programme mixing technical presentations, general awareness and practical demonstrations. The events are also an occasion to give the floor to the local research actors to share their best practices with their peers, with two main research institutes joining the latest Data Privacy Day event.

In addition to the live coverage on social media channels, CyberDay.lu 2019 and Data Privacy Day 2020 have been recorded by the University of Luxembourg’s media centre. Recordings from the sessions as well as digital copies of the presentations are available online and can be accessed on the respective event websites: cyberday.lu and dataprivacyday.lu.

The next editions have already been announced and will be held again at the University of Luxembourg premises, in Esch-Belval, in the south of Luxembourg on 6 October 2020 (CyberDay.lu) and 28 January 2021 (Data Privacy Day).

Watch the live event streaming published by the University of Luxembourg on YouTube:

CyberDay.lu 2019 live streaming

Data Privacy Day 2020 live streaming

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