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Learn how Google Cloud is Supporting COVID-19 Research: On-demand Webinar

Researchers are tackling unprecedented challenges associated to COVID-19. To accelerate research against COVID-19, Google Cloud has developed several solutions and partnerships that may be helpful to researchers especially during this time. We invite you to join Jamie Kinney for this 45 minute Google Cloud on-demand webinar, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply for free Google Cloud research credits
  • Access new public datasets and data visualization resources
  • Apply your credits through learning about unique COVID-19 research projects that have already been funded

Watch the Google Cloud COVID-19 research webinar here to learn more.

Jamie Kinney, Solutions Architect, Google Cloud
Jamie has over 22 years in technology with a focus on cloud and scientific computing. He has worked with NASA, CERN, Dept. of Energy, and universities around the world to accelerate scientific research using cloud computing. Jamie is currently representing Google on the White House Office of Science and Technology COVID-19 HPC Consortium, and is a core member of the Google Cloud COVID-19 Research Grants team.
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