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GÉANT Cyber Security Month 2020: a preview

GÉANT Cybersecurity Month 2020 - BecomeACyberHero

October is the Cyber Security Month 2020. GÉANT takes part in this EU initiative with the launch of a communication campaign that aims to raise cyber security awareness within its community. 

What is the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM)?

ECSM is an EU awareness campaign promoting cyber security among individuals and organisations. The focus is on the importance of information security and the simple steps that can be taken to protect users’ personal, financial and professional data. The main goal is to create awareness, change behaviour and provide users with information on how to protect themselves and their organisations online. The campaign is deployed by ENISA, the European Commission DG CONNECT and participating partners.

Become a cyber hero!

For the second year in a row GÉANT is supporting the ECSM. In order to familiarise with the needs of the NREN community, we asked the NRENs’ marcomms teams to complete a short survey. The survey’s results gave us a good insight of the target groups, topics and communication channels chosen by our community.

Based on the feedback collected, we decided to target the connected R&E institutions and their end users with our campaign using the tagline: “Become a cyber hero”.  Our objective is to encourage end-users to arm themselves against digital threats and feel empowered to protect their organisation. If it’s true that the human element can be considered the “weakest link” when dealing with cyber security breaches, we also want to prove that everyone can be a cyber hero!

The campaign will highlight four specific topics, one per week, throughout October: we will share practical tips, case studies and blogs on social engineering (week 1), phishing (week 2), ransomware (week 3) and password security (week 4).

In addition, all graphic and promotional content such as animations, social media banners and email signature are available to the GÉANT community to promote the campaign locally.  Click here to access all the campaign resources.

We will keep you posted on all initiatives via this page on the GÉANT CONNECT website, weekly newsletter and social media channels.

For further information about Cyber Security Month 2020, please get in touch with:

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