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Workshop on Telemetry and Big Data

The GÉANT GN4-3 project (WP6) is organising its first Telemetry and Big Data Workshop, to be held online on 10th November 2020.

Open to all members of the GÉANT and international R&E community, the workshop has the objective to collect production-level experience on telemetry, the use of very large amounts of monitoring data, their sharing and current efforts on actual use cases. The Workshop will assess the community’s interest in and the validity of telemetry approaches and challenges in the use of the large amounts of monitoring information which current networks have to deal with.

The meeting is directed to National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), operators, campus network administrators and network researchers, as well as those interested in handling, sharing and processing of large scale monitoring data sets including its storage, the application of machine learning and the principles of making such data available appropriately to NOCs and researchers.

The final agenda will be posted by Friday 30th October.

For more information and registration details:

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