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SIG-ISM and WISE unite forces in a two day online workshop

Once again  SIG-ISM and WISE join forces in a joint meeting that will take place on 26 and 29 October 2020.

The agenda features two blocks of two-hour sessions for each group on each workshop day.

The workshop’s objective is to strengthen collaboration among e-infrastructures, the NRENs and their communities when handling security information; to share results and outcomes and also to evaluate some of the challenges that can be overcome together.

The SIG-ISM agenda will also include updates on GÉANT Security Strategy, Security Baseline and Business Continuity Recommendations and the very relevant crisis theme of the day:  how organisations are dealing with COVID19-related challenges.

WISE will present reports on collaborating activities and provide best practices for handling software vulnerabilities with the aim to enhance general security knowledge among participating partners.

Click here for information about the workshop and how to register.

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