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openUp2U: Interview with Gyöngyi Horváth

openUp2U was launched earlier this year following two weeks of intensive and dedicated work, mostly based on voluntary efforts. CONNECT spoke with Gyöngyi Horváth, Community Support Officer at GÉANT, to learn more about the potential of openUp2U and its impact on the GÉANT community.

Words: Interview by Silvia Fiore, GÉANT

How is openUp2U supporting students and teachers in these difficult COVID-19 times?

openUp2U provides students and teachers with online tools that can be incorporated into their daily teaching practices for fresh and innovative improvements. It helps students develop critical thinking skills and be more independent learners.

The platform allows to share school projects and get inspired by those of others that can be replicated. It provides access to a learning management system (Moodle), collaborative editing and document sharing tools (CERNBox, Swan), as well as seamless real-time virtual interactions (eduMEET).

What should students be most excited about using openUp2U services?

Gyöngyi Horváth
Gyöngyi Horváth, Community Support Officer at GÉANT

With openUp2U we are bringing new technology from the cloud to the classroom and back, which leaves room for experimenting with the informal learning spaces and developing new media and tech skills, much needed in today’s higher education.

It is a leading-edge opportunity to access learning content anytime, anywhere and for students to independently create their personal learning path tailored to their own learning-specific goals and objectives.

openUp2U was successfully launched earlier this year. What can you tell us about the achievements so far and the feedback received?

openUp2U was developed and launched with the idea of having a simplified and scalable version of the original Up2U platform to meet urgent requirements for the continuation of education where it was needed the most.

The platform is non-commercial, GDPR enabled and privacy conscious, which is valued by most organisations, who have adapted it for their local educational institutions. Teachers have appreciated the easiness to create courses and convert from traditional teaching methods to virtual, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where can teachers and students access the openUp2U platform?

Information about the tutorials and materials can be found at the following locations:

For more information about openUp2U visit:

Read the GÉANT IMPACT story on OpenUp2U:



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