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EOSC Enhance Webinar: EOSC Portal Release 1 – New provider functionalities and tutorial

EOSC Portal Release 1 - New provider functionalities and tutorial

17 December 2020, 11:00-12:00 CET

Building on the fruitful requirement gathering activity carried out throughout 2020, the EOSC Enhance consortium is pleased to announce the official release of the new and improved EOSC Portal.

This marks another exciting step in the collaborative journey towards the further development and improvement of useful and dynamic tools for the growing EOSC community.

The launch is accompanied by a series of four webinars introducing different aspects of the Portal. After the general overview offered in the first webinar on 3 December, this time the EOSC Enhance team is providing guidance to new service providers who are approaching the EOSC Portal for the first time.

Further information and programme available on the EOSC Portal: https://www.eosc-portal.eu/events/eosc-enhance-webinar-eosc-portal-release-1-new-provider-functionalities-tutorial

Join us and discover the new functionalities of the EOSC Portal!

Who should attend

  • New EOSC Portal service providers
  • Potential EOSC Portal service providers
  • EOSC actors and those interested in how the EOSC Portal fits in the EOSC ecosystem


Presentations and full recording from the first webinar in this series are now available on the EOSC Portal: https://www.eosc-portal.eu/events/eosc-enhance-webinar-eosc-portal-release-1-whats-new

Save the date for a third webinar, scheduled on 14 January at 11:00 CET, focussing on the features for new users, which will also be explained via a tutorial.

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