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Google Cloud initiatives offer researchers critical support during the pandemic

The global pandemic has not only transformed our daily lives, it’s also transforming how academic research is conducted. With many campus labs and facilities closed, researchers struggle with a lack of access to the enormous compute power today’s scientific advances depend upon. And, according to a November 2020 McKinsey & Company report, the challenges of working from home have been shown to place an outsize burden on groups who are already underrepresented in the workforce, such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ workers. By fostering virtual collaboration and expanding access to cloud resources, Google Cloud can help overburdened researchers better manage their workloads in these difficult times. A wide range of new initiatives offers them crucial support.

Join a community of Research Innovators driving scientific breakthroughs

Google Cloud Research Innovators is a new program to help build recognition and credibility within the research community by helping established—and next generation—researchers maximize their impact with Google Cloud. It seeks to speed up breakthrough discoveries, increase collaboration, and deepen support for publications, funding, and tenure. As a research innovator, you’ll get access to Google experts and support from peers to build real world solutions and theoretical models collaboratively. You’ll receive additional Google Cloud academic research credits, marketing support, speaking opportunities, free admission to Google conferences, and more. To pursue this unique opportunity, apply here by January 18, 2021.

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