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TNC21 – Fully Online!

It’s time to say it: When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade! Therefore, GÉANT announces today that we have taken the decision to go fully online for TNC21. We are excited about the online delivery platform that we have chosen and TNC21 will be yet another memorable event. 21 to 25 June 2021 will be the week in which we come together as a community at TNC21 – Online! Check out for all latest updates.

We are aware that a lot of you will be saying: “Finally. What took you so long?” And of course, the answer is that we have ongoing commitments in Brighton which we had originally signed for TNC20 and we had pushed into 2021 in the hope that a hybrid event could be planned, as we value the benefits that a real-life meeting brings. We have now managed these contracts in a way that minimises our exposure. Also, we wanted to take the time to find an exciting online platform for TNC21 to make sure we can deliver an unforgettable conference – we believe we have found just what we were looking for and will let you know more in the coming weeks.

We would like to first thank Jisc for their unwavering support and commitment to be hosting TNC21. So, our thanks go to the Jisc CEO, Paul Feldman and to Damian Vicary and Sarah Pickthall from the Marketing and Events team at Jisc: we really wanted to be with you and count the pebbles on Brighton beach. Here’s to a joint event in the not too far away future! And thanks for all the time and support you have given us over the last two years! We appreciated it all.

And our next thanks go to PSNC and NORDUnet – we have always said with a little smile that TNC year after year keeps challenging our joint events team in new ways: well, here is yet another challenge! We look forward to making waves with you online and delivering yet another memorable show!

Registration for the event will commence mid-February. And let us also say now and for the avoidance of any doubt that TNC21 will be free of charge to all attendees. For our valued sponsors and partners, we are pleased to welcome you to this new format and please know we will be bringing together an attractive sponsorship programme which we will shortly make available.

See you all soon – latest 21 to 25 June at TNC21 – Online!


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