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HEAnet introduced the new green public procurement initiative

HEAnet introduced a set of green public procurement criteria for all of their tenders. HEAnet tenders will include a minimum of 5% green criteria.

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to all of us. HEAnet believes that no matter how big or small an organisation is, we can all help to create a more sustainable future. There is a strong ethos of green awareness among HEAnet’s staff, reflected by the Green Team function established a number of years ago, which encourages and supports green initiatives.

Based on recommendations issued by the Irish government (DPER circular 2019/20) and in support of the European Commission’s pillar in “investing in environmentally-friendly technologies”, HEAnet introduced the new green public procurement requirement effective from January 2021.

Following the announcement, Kate Smiley, Procurement & Contracts Specialist at HEAnet said: “We are pleased to introduce this new green public procurement initiative for HEAnet tendering processes. There is a history of green public procurement already within HEAnet, and the introduction of this measure only makes the ask of vendors more tangible.”

Submitted by Barbara Carroll

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About the author

Barbara Carroll

Barbara joined HEAnet in November 2020 as PR & Marketing Coordinator. Barbara has over 7 years of marketing experience which includes Brand Management and Product Management at Saint-Gobain Construction Products and Marketing Management in an innovative start-up Smarter Surfaces.

Barbara has a BA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Szczecin, Poland and an MBA from the National College of Ireland.

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