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Rackspace Webinar: How the OCRE framework can accelerate cloud adoption in education and research – 23 Mar 2021

A Rackspace-led webinar around the adoption of the OCRE framework will take place on March 23, 11:00am CET.

This is a pre-recorded English webinar with Live Q&A. The recording will also be available afterwards. During this webinar Rackspace Technology Specialists will speak about:

  • What the OCRE framework is and what you can buy through it
  • Why you would utilise the OCRE framework and how it can benefit your organisation
  • How the onboarding process works, how long it takes and who is involved
  • Why you should choose Rackspace Technology and AWS to accelerate your cloud adoption

Register to the webinar here:

To find out if Rackspace holds a Framework to supply AWS cloud in your country check the OCRE Catalogue:

Submitted by Gary James

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