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BELLA Project announces the fifth and last Infrastructure Tender for its terrestrial phase

The call for the fifth and final BELLA’s Bidding Process for Infrastructure and Telecommunications Services is open since March 9th to reinforce the RedCLARA backbone in the stretch that joins the national research and education networks (NREN) of Ecuador, Panama and Brazil.

The tender seeks to obtain irrevocable rights for long-term use of the spectrum of the telecommunications infrastructure of the DWDM network. It is expected to sign contracts for periods of 15 years for the use of optical channels. The bidding will be carried out through a competitive procedure with negotiation, in accordance with the EU Directive on public procurement and which repeals Directive 2004/24/ EC.

Financed by the European Commission under the Contract LA/2016/376-534, the BELLA-T project aims to achieve a significant long-term improvement of the South American academic network, allowing the Latin American Regional Research and Education Network, RedCLARA, to guarantee complete and equitable access of the region’s national networks to the capacity of the direct submarine cable between Europe and Latin America that is being acquired through the BELLA-S project, the underwater part of BELLA.

Participation is open to any company that provides telecommunications infrastructure, whether this is its main business or not. For more information, please visit:

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