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GÉANT Infoshares – April and May 2021 schedule

How do you share valuable knowledge and expertise within the community during a global pandemic? And how do you keep information flowing? To address these questions, in October 2020 GÉANT launched a series of Infoshares – weekly virtual events covering topics of strategic relevance for the GÉANT community.

Coordinated by the GÉANT Partner Relations team, infoshares are an important and complementary part of the GÉANT Community Programme (GCP). Their aim is to create a space to engage, improve knowledge sharing, foster discussion and strengthen the human network across the community.

Registration to public infoshares is open to everyone. Sessions take place regularly each Wednesday, and occasionally also on other weekdays.

With more than 1,500 total registrants for 26 sessions to date, weekly appointments with GÉANT Infoshares recorded vast interest and stood out as an emerging and well-appreciated dimension of the “new normal” within our community.


Presenting a varied and busy schedule, GÉANT Infoshares provide general updates on projects and Services Development, focus on key areas as Network Technology and explore specific topics as Open Science and Quantum Key Distribution through thematic mini-series.

Throughout the past few months, these online events kept attracting an increasingly wide audience, registering higher attendance at service-oriented sessions and a peak at the recent launch-event for the GÉANT Innovation Programme.

See below for infoshares taking place in April and May 2021:

The programme is also open for suggestions from the community: to propose future topics, contact the partner relations team at

To learn more about upcoming infoshares, visit the dedicated page on the GÉANT Wiki (requiring authentication):ÉANTInfosharesWiki.


Did you miss a session? Is Wednesday not the best day for you? Are you simply planning a full re-watch? You can always catch up, as public infoshares are recorded and made available within two days on:

Latest infoshares: 


For further information or if you have any questions, please contact

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