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GÉANT Infoshares are back for a “second season”

[Spoiler: this article contains extensive TV show geek language]

This September the popular series of GÉANT Infoshares is returning to your screens with a brand new season. An initial list of appointments has been announced, promising an even more diversified, informative, and exciting programme for the coming months.

Previously on the GÉANT Infoshare series

Coordinated by the GÉANT Partner Relations team, as part of the GÉANT Community Programme (GCP), Infoshares are weekly virtual events covering topics of strategic relevance for the GÉANT community. Public Infoshare sessions usually take place on Wednesday and they are open to everyone.

With over 30 public GÉANT Infoshares since the series launch in October 2020 and almost 40 hours of published recordings on the most disparate topics, there surely is a lot to recap in the series. Do you want to get ready for the new season, but you fear that a binge-watching marathon might prove too much of a challenge? You can simply browse the list of all videos available on demand on:

What’s on?

Following the summer break hiatus, GÉANT Infoshares are making their comeback with three new appointments in September, which will explore some of the key topic areas in the series.

The new schedule will start with a session on Security and EU regulations, to then continue with a general project update – this time dedicated to the Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE) project, followed by a session on Network Technology. Other recurrent topics expected to return later in the year include Open Science and regular updates on Services Development.

Here’s an overview of the infoshares that will take place in September:

That’s not all: we also have a little teaser, anticipating what awaits us in October. The successful thematic mini-series on Quantum Technologies will continue, with a double appointment on Quantum Key Distribution, hosted by RENATER’s Xavier Jeannin:

The programme is also open for suggestions from the community. You can propose future topics by contacting the partner relations team at

To learn more about upcoming infoshares, visit the dedicated page on the GÉANT Wiki (requiring authentication):ÉANTInfosharesWiki

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact

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