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Jisc are recruiting: Research Support Senior Manager

Research Support Senior Manager
Contract : Permanent
Location: Hybrid or at any of our hubs

We believe in ‘Technology for Good’ – in improving lives through education and research. Our people want to make a real change – at Jisc, everyone plays a key role and gets the chance to feel part of it, that to us is the definition of a meaningful career. Being a social enterprise means that no matter how small our individual actions are, the positive impact on our collective is huge.

We’re a place unlike any other, where the best of education fuses with the best of technology to create a unique model with unique opportunities and interesting problems to solve in a diverse and inclusive environment. It’s what keeps our work varied, original and surprising – and that’s why we love it.

We’re gearing up for our most exciting chapter yet. Our story will be written by those ready to take on challenges and see them through; the kind of people who never stop learning, celebrating differences and using it to drive better solutions.
The e-Infrastructure Strategy Group implements strategies for supporting the UK’s national and global research, overseeing work on how digital infrastructures can support and enhance aspects of the research lifecycle – from discovery of information and data, to data analysis and manipulation, and collaboration and research impact and dissemination.
The group sits within the Janet Network Division to ensure that Jisc’s e-Infrastructure developments align with both national and international strategies, polices and developments
About you:
We know that sometimes people can be put off applying for a job if they think they can’t tick every box but we realise the ‘perfect candidate’ doesn’t exist. So, if you can do most of what we’re looking for, go ahead and apply. You could be exactly what we need!

We’re ideally looking for someone with:
• Experience of identifying issues impacting the research community, specifically within the use of digital tools and services, and how to address them strategically
• Experience of working in a technical research support role, or within a research or University environment where you have managed an IT infrastructure team
• Significant experience in analysing complex requirements and resolving multifaceted problems
• Excellent skills in network development and emerging technologies
• Excellent skills in negotiation and influencing and managing conflicting requirements and needs whilst building and maintaining good relationships
• Excellent analytical skills, for example developing requirements, assessing and synthesising data into useful practical findings and models

The role:
Jisc supports UK research and innovation through the coordination of a comprehensive range of technologies and by enhancing end-to-end research lifecycle management. We are recognised as a major provider of digital? research infrastructure and services, a trusted partner and, in our areas of expertise, an authority on the use of technology to support research.

You will be working in a small team that provides this expertise in the area of e-infrastructure (i.e. the underpinning digital and network tools and technologies to support research and teaching), and some of your responsibilities involve:
• Engagement with and provision of support for the research community in the use of Jisc Digital Infrastructure Services, in particular Janet and related network resources.
• Engaging and collaborating with UK data- and network-intensive research projects and research support facilities
• Representing Jisc in relevant digital infrastructure groups (including UKRI Digital Infrastructure)
• Horizon scanning of the research landscape and emerging technology landscape for early detection of new research requirements and developments in research techniques which can offer for new solutions to our members
• Liaising with other teams within Jisc to represent research community needs

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