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Webinar programme for Cybersecurity Month 2021: register today!

GÉANT Cyber Security Month 2021 - CyberHeroAtHome

We are excited to announce our new programme of webinars for the Cybersecurity Month 2021 (CSM2021) initiative that will take place throughout October.

This year our campaign will focus on the importance of cybersecurity in the home-working environment and its main theme, ‘Cyber ​​Hero @ Home‘, is split into 4 weekly sub-themes:

  • Week 1 (4-10 October): Be aware of cybercrime
  • Week 2 (11-17 October): Protect your network
  • Week 3 (18-24 October): Protect your devices
  • Week 4 (25-31 October): Protect your identity

Cybersecurity Month 2020 (CSM2020) was received with great enthusiasm and registered great participation and involvement by the R&E community across Europe and beyond. Aiming to build on CSM2020’s results and success for the 2021 edition of the campaign, we circulated a survey to capture the community’s feedback.

The community spoke, we listened. As a result the CSM2021’s programme targets a much broader and less technical audience and features a more dynamic digital content with an increased number of webinars.

This year’s webinars, one per weekly theme, will be presented by security experts from R&E and industry who will take us through their engaging presentations talking about pirates and crime lords, digital hygiene and digital identity, the cost of underestimating security, the importance of privacy and how device design can affect loss of privacy.

CSM2021 Webinar programme

Register today! It takes just a minute and is free of charge!

For any information and questions about CSM2021 get in touch with the CSM2021 Team

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