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Infoshare: Open Line Systems – 28 September 2021

GÉANT infoshare Open Line Systems

28 September 2021, 13:00-14:30 CET

Even though this infoshare has a focus on the optical transmission solution known as Open Line System, the content is suitable to networking technical staff in general. As an introduction, it will give a background to optical transmission and updates on the latest evolutions of various components of optical systems. Then, the presentation will continue by focusing on open line systems, with vendor portfolio and NREN use cases presentations.

As open line systems pushes the traditional barriers and can imply other network equipment than strictly optical ones, it is suggested that both network engineers with routing background and optical network engineers will benefit from attending this infoshare.

The infoshare will present GN4-3 WP7 team participants and the objectives of the spectrum connectivity service.



  1. General introduction on optical networks among networking equipment in NRENs and open line systems – Guy Roberts (GÉANT) [20 min]
    • Today key figures (DF distances, Throughput, cost per km, compendium…)
    • Trends for the future: different modulation types, how that changes the transmission systems
    • Origin of the concept of open line system and how Open Line systems are different to traditional single-vendor DWDM
    • Main reasons to be adopted by GÉANT and Procurement framework
  2. Questions [10 min]
    • About their DF ownership? Refer to Compendium:!/darkfibre
    • About the trend on this domain locally in their country/NREN both in an economic and technical point of view?
    • How they feel about open line systems
  3. Infinera presentation [20 min]
    • Vendor open line system philosophy and product portfolio presentation. Speaker TBA
  4. Case studies from NRENs – Speaker TBA [20 min]
  5. Telecom Infra Project (TIP) presentation
    • GNPy – Tomas Horvath (CESNET) [10 min]
    • CANDI – Speaker TBA [10 min]
  6. Summary and wrap up


Practical information:

  • The Infoshare will be recorded and made available through the GÉANT GLAD Website:
  • The link and the password to join the ZOOM room will be shared with the registered attendees before the event

Check the full programme of upcoming infoshares here:

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