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WiFiMon: an essential tool for testing WiFi on the Campus


Find out how WiFiMon can help support Campus WiFi Installations

What is WiFiMon

WiFi access (and in particular eduroam access) is now accepted as an essential part of the wider campus experience.  Not being able to connect to network resources can damage user experiences and can result in users having to use mobile 4G data connections rather than WiFi. A poorly performing WiFi service affects user experiences.  But how can performance monitoring work in a situation where users are by definition mobile?

GÉANT WiFiMon is an open, crowd-sourced, distributed WiFi network monitoring and network performance verification solution.

WiFiMon is capable of detecting performance issues, visualise the network workload, providing technical information including signal strength, link quality, bit rate, etc.. Campus Network administrators can download and install all WiFiMon components locally within their site or use a central GÉANT WiFiMon component instance from the GÉANT NMaaS service. WiFiMon is technology agnostic, easy to deploy and allows to edit fine-grained information on network performance.

Documentation and resources

Here you can find a detailed description of WiFiMon, as well as all the technical documentation:

Furthermore, we recently announced the newest WiFiMon release: WiFiMon v.1.4

User documentation for version 1.4.0 is now available here:

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. The development team will be happy to introduce you to WiFiMon, to support you in the system installation and to discuss your new ideas. Questions or discussions can be initiated by mailings on

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