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CSM2021 Webinar – Think before you click: privacy in a highly technologised society

GÉANT Cyber Security Month 2021 webinar - Think before you click: privacy in a highly technologised society, with Arnout Terpstra - SURF

14 October 2021 – 15:00-16:00 CEST

In today’s society it’s nearly impossible to use products, websites, apps, household appliances, etc. without giving up some of your privacy. Likewise, as employees in research and education it’s nearly impossible to carry out your work without taking the GDPR, Data Protection Impact Assessments, data processing agreements, consent forms, etc. into account. In fact, it becomes harder and harder, if not impossible, to be a ‘good citizen / employee’ without also becoming a privacy expert. But what is privacy exactly? And why is there so much emphasis on this nowadays?

In this webinar, Arnout Terpstra (SURF & Tilburg University) will provide an overview of the current state of affairs regarding privacy. He will also share his ideas central to his PhD research, where part of the solution to the erosion of privacy lies in how devices and interfaces are designed.


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Arnout Terpstra, SURFSpeaker 

Arnout Terpstra, Product ManagerSURF

Arnout Terpstra is a product manager in the Trust & Identity team at SURF, the Dutch NREN. In addition, he is studying for his PhD at the Tilburg Institute of Law, Technology and Society (TILT), Tilburg University. His research focuses on how the design of interfaces and/or devices could be changed in order to prevent people from mindlessly clicking buttons not in line with their privacy preferences and learn something (new) about privacy.

Update: Recordings now available

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