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GÉANT’s CONNECT 38 is now out!

The 38th issue of CONNECT magazine is here! In this issue we have compiled great articles from across the GÉANT community on a wide range of topics, including:

  • How to better connect infrastructure and services with user communities
  • An interview with Matthew Scott (GÉANT) and Ann Harding (SWITCH) to mark 20 years of the GÉANT Project
  • An interview with Adam Lewis on how Earth Observation has been contributing to the digital transformation of Africa
  • and the new EaPConnect-GÉANT spectrum link

Plus, we have a new section dedicated to technical topics, that in this issue features articles on Network Automation e-Academy, White Box for research and education, and the RARE/FreeRtr.

And, as always, we welcome numerous articles from our NREN partners. Our thanks to all of you who contributed to this issue.

With no further delay, enjoy the issue!

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