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Get ready to offer new and flexible services on demand with Orchestration, Automation, and Virtualisation (OAV)

Orchestration, automation, and virtualisation (OAV) is an increasingly important solution to the challenges modern network operators face, not least to support users who demand self-service in a digital platform. Network Automation does not just replace something you do manually with something automatic, it’s a complete mindset change, from the company management to the network and software engineers.

Words: Maria Isabel Gandia, CSUC

The GÉANT (GN4-3) Project has created a training programme ‘by the community and for the community’, for engineers, managers, researchers, and members of the R&E networking community who want to know more about OAV.

As the experience and knowledge of teams may vary, the training programme has different learning paths to suit different needs, and includes real-life examples and resources from the research and education world to help provide context and provoke innovation.

To help users get started, a Metro map has been created so that all the learning units are easily visible. Users can follow the lines and find their preferred units, or the OAV team can help to determine the best path depending on needs in the Network Automation eAcademy. The team is available to help identify the best learning experience and answer questions at

Navigating the Metro

The Metro map was built with the functional blocks of the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture (ODA) in mind as a blueprint where users can map other architectures keeping their independence, tools, and processes. Each line is focused on a different topic and provides a structure of
learning units. For example, there is an introductory line which provides a general overview, including the ODA functional blocks. Users can then switch to other lines to gain more knowledge on specific OAV topics. The training programme is flexible and can be adapted and customised to individual needs. In particular, different students can take different paths to build on their existing knowledge and skills and develop in-depth expertise as the needs of their OAV projects develop. Just like a real Metro map, there is no single route through or one route everyone has to take, rather it customises the learning experience to the needs of the user.

All the learning units contain subtitled videos (between 5 min and 20 min long) and the corresponding PDFs with the script, so users can follow either the video or download the PDF, with the same information. This is followed by a quiz at the end of each unit to test knowledge gained, as well as a feedback form. When a learning unit is completed, users receive their certificate of completion to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained and that they have mastered the area.

New learning units will appear in the Network Automation eAcademy regularly, while the publication of new units can change depending on user requests through the feedback forms.

You can find the Network Automation eAcademy in the OAV Training portal and the GÉANT eAcademy

Learn more about OAV

Further information on OAV is available at:

You can also find out more at the OAV wiki, or contribute to the OAV Community portal.

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