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GN4-3N Project continues rollout

The EC-funded GÉANT (GN4-3N) project – the most significant refresh and enlargement of the pan-European GÉANT network in a decade – is continuing with excellent progress despite a challenging environment imposed by both the ongoing pandemic and a global semiconductor shortage, with the operational completion in Q4/2021 of four routes:

  • London1 – Amsterdam
  • London1 – London2
  • Amsterdam – Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt – Geneva1

The Amsterdam – Frankfurt route is notable as it is the first existing GÉANT dark fibre route to be replaced, meaning legacy Infinera equipment from existing leased connectivity has been switched off and removed from sites along the route. This is resulting in a 48% cost saving in ongoing operational expense and clearly illustrates the benefits that the new project will bring as the rollout continues.

These routes follow the previously completed Iberian Peninsula region and lay the groundwork for a rapid increase in bringing new GN4-3N routes to production in 2022.

The remainder of routes on the new network are currently within a carefully planned procurement, build, or deployment stage and will continue to be announced as they move into operation.

Completion of the €63.125m project will see the majority of GÉANT NRENs connected on fibre or spectrum, helping to further narrow Europe’s digital divide and continue to support the needs of the data-intensive research and education communities for another 15 years.

Bram Peeters, GÉANT’s Chief Network Operations Officer adds, “Despite another challenging year, our operational teams, partners, and suppliers have again shown outstanding commitment and collaboration to ensure this ambitious project continues to deliver to schedule. We’re excited for 2022 and the ramping up of new GN4-3N routes moving to production.”

Learn more on the GÉANT Network website: https://network.geant.org/


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