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Welcome to the GÉANT 2022 #WomenInStem campaign!

Today, March 1st, marks the beginning of Women’s History Month and also the official launch of this year’s Women in STEM campaign!

Throughout the years, our Women in STEM campaigns have aimed at celebrating the work, careers and experiences of our outstanding female colleagues working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). And we have done so by sharing quotes, interviews, posters, and stats.

This year, we have put together a video series including contributions from female leaders and male advocates from the international GÉANT Community. The videos are a platform to share personal stories and professional experiences as well as encouraging words of advice for future generations of women in STEM.

We kick off the campaign asking the following questions:

Why does it matter to have a gender diverse team?

Where do we start to build it?

This first video episode features the points of views and ideas of five members of the GÉANT international Community from Chile and Brazil all the way to the Netherlands and Switzerland. They are CEOs, Directors, and Team Leads working in the fields of digital infrastructure, network, and research and development. They all raise the point that more gender diverse teams not only are a better representation of the community they aim to serve but give everyone the opportunity to bring their full potential at work!

So, press play and be inspired by conversations that matter!

All the material on our 2022 Women in STEM campaign will be gathered on the dedicated homepage. Episode 2 on female role models and mentors in STEM will be released next week on March 8th. Stay tuned!


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