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#WomeninStem – on female role models and mentors

Are you a woman in STEM? Have you found yourself wishing, at some point of your studies and early professional steps, that there were more female role models to look up to and seek advice from? Well, you are not alone!

Luckily, with the number of women working in STEM fields increasing, we are also experiencing an improvement in terms of female mentorship examples. By supporting another woman’s ambitions and offering advice, more female mentors can – in the long run – contribute to narrowing the gender gap and create more gender diverse organisations.

Given the importance of this topic, we asked five members of the international GÉANT Community to share their experiences on the matter and advice on how to improve further. From the USA to the UK, Lithuania, Belarus and Armenia, our participants tell us that having the support of other women while building their career and facing challenges really made a difference in their lives!

Press play and let’s hear it directly from them!

More on the 2022 Women in STEM Campaign on the dedicated webpage. Episode 3 on overcoming challenges with resilience will be released next week on March 15th.

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